I Can’t Get No, Satisfaction

customer-satisfaction.jpgHad a revelation yesterday afternoon when talking with my boss about my future; I?ve over estimated areas in my business and educational life and under estimated others. If my goal is to remain what it is, which the goal is good, there is no doubt about that, then I?m going to have to prove that there are certain things I know like no one else. That is, I?m going to have to become a specialist, not a generalist as I had planned.

Generalists were the way of the Dot-com era, and that is dead. I?m adding new check points to my two, five and ten year plans that are going to be extremely difficult and costly to accomplish, but, if I can do just that, I will be able to do what few in the business and technology world can, and I can almost guarantee myself lifetime employment.

I?m not sharing my goal with you, not because I don?t want you to know or I think it?s highly secret, but I?m at a point in my educational career where others are going to start clawing and scratching for ideas as the end of college is near. One of my new short term goals is to look around my class, see what everyone is doing, see what is most popular, and do just the opposite. I will become a specialist. Has this picture distracted you enough to where you’ve forgotten what I’m talking about?

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  1. brutus the beefcake barbarian

    My goal in life is much like yours my friend. You see, I too have an anal rash!

  2. Ill have you know that I just laid the law to the outhouse! I put down the most heavenly logs known to God and all its creations. Good bye!

  3. Q.- Why did Howard Sr. go to JC Pennys?
    A.- Because he heard that childrens pants were half off.

    Q.- How does Howard Sr. know when its time for bed?
    A.- When the big hand is over the little one.

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